Review Policy

Calling all authors, agents and publishers!

I am currently working with various authors, publishers, and literary agencies reading and reviewing ARC’s and recently released novels. I would love to read and review your book as well.

I am open to most genres, and write honest reviews that are given a star-scale rating. I try to keep the audiance in mind when rating a novel, so even though the book may not be the best for a reader who unfamiliar with that particular genre, I may still recommend it to readers who enjoy it’s specific subject matter.

The ratings are as follows:
1 Star – Not recommended to anyone
2 Stars – Recommended Lightly / Not as an introduction to author or genre
3 Stars – Recommended to readers familiar with author and genre
4 Stars – Strongly recommended
5 Stars – Highly recommended / Best work by author and genre

I read the ARC’s and review copies in the order I receive them, regardless of release date, unless I determine otherwise. I strongly believe in the FIFO system (First In – First Out), and feel it is the most fair. Please be aware that I have an average of 5-7 ARC/review copies lined up at a time, and I read an average of a book a week.

I confirm recpt of all books via email. I will also contact you when I begin reading the novel, and link you to the reviews upon completion. I post my reviews here on blogspot, as well as on goodreads. I will also post the link to the review on The Next Best Book Club (TNBBC)group page, TNBBC Twitter page and TNBBC Facebook group page.

I like to offer to interview the author via email upon reading the novel, and will post the interview on the above-mentioned webpages.

Will the author be touring to promote the novel? I would be more than happy to post the link to their tour dates as well, should you provide me the information for it.

I look forward to working with you, and becoming a part of the process!
To contact me please send an email to


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